Back in 1995 I used to work at a Tennis Club. This was back in the days of Yashin and his endless demands for more $$$, respect, and Russian Ballet at the NAC. Starved for entertainment and what the Sens would do with him I religiously picked up the Ottawa Sun for my Sens fix. The interweb was just beginning and I didn’t have a 14.4 modem hook-up at the club. Thank god for technology.

SensChirp blasted onto the local blogging scene in 2009 and hasn’t looked back. With insights into player personnel or his own astute observations about our club, his site has become a go too place for fans. So we decided it was time he got his own t-shirt.

100% Super Soft Cotton by Gildan

Sizes: Med through XL in Men’s Only

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Get yours while supplies last!

2$/shirt will donated to the Sens Foundation

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