About Us

Welcome to the613.com!

This company was born out of a need here in our great city.  Over numerous nights and pints talking about things that lacked in our city, an idea took hold.  There aren't enough options for cool, local and unique clothing.  We decided to do something about that.

"The 'Stache" was undeniably one of the main inspirations for this start.  The man's coaching pedigree and unmistakenly manly mustache needed to be celebrated.  Within the "Boys of Winter Collection" you'll find some unique products that will help you share you're love for the local boys.  As Sens fans there were many options and directions we could go in but we're not just Sens fans.

The Local Artist community is thriving in Ottawa but outside of the standard galleries and coffee shops there aren't alot of venues available to them  to sell their creations and help to keep their glasses full too.  That's why you'll find some cool clothing you can strut around town in within "Our Local Talent Collection".  If you have a design that you're trying to get out there, drop us a line at info(at)the613(dot)com.

And of course not all art is meant to be worn (although there should really be more) so we've created a "Weird and Wonderful Collection" that will display unique pieces by local talent that will undeniably bring a spark to your beige coloured living room.  Of course we are always looking for more interesting and unique pieces too!  If you find something or are someone doing something cool we want to hear from you too.

All of our t-shirts are produced locally here in Ottawa.  We didn't farm this out to a company based in Nevada.  .

Like Weezy says  "We're in the same picture but we all got different poses"  Let us help make your pose a good one.

Thanks for stopping by.