I was driving through the back woods of Upstate Vermont in my 1971 Range Rover Classic, the snow blowing, until miraculously the wind let up and the snow came to a stop. Pulling a sip from my stainless steel coffee mug, I took off my Wayfarer Ray-Bans and stepped out to stretch my legs.

With the Green Mountains in the background and the sun setting I heard a noise and turned around to find myself face to face with an angry looking Bull moose, standing at least 10 feet high with a 7 foot rack. Caught in the open, too far from my trusty Range Rover I had one choice. Stare him down, not be scared and never back down.

As the Moose decided I wasn’t worth the potential trouble and began walking away I had a vision. I finally knew what it was like to be Chris Neil and knew I had to celebrate his overall awesomeness in some way. The Neiler was born.

#25 on the back and Enforcer across the top.

100% Super Soft Cotton by Gildan
Sizes: SM through XL in Men’s
Sizes: SM through XL in Women's soft cotton by Bella.

$2 from every shirt sold will be donated in Chris Neil's name to the Sens Foundation.  

How is the Neiler best worn? Like the man himself, any way you choose.

Innocence and mayhem at once, you can't go wrong.

Warning* This shirt may make you feel invincible but remember you are NOT the Neiler


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