This past winter, in the middle of February, I received a phone call. Picking up the receiver to my wall mounted rotary phone in my kitchen, I listened as my friend breathlessly told me about an outdoor shinny tournament his team had entered in Grenville, PQ. They were short a man and would I come out for the day to help fill out their roster. River hockey? I’m in.

I was more than bummed from Cooke’s hack job on EK65 the previous week that I needed a distraction. Not being able to watch the Norris winner dominate the ice, feed our Captain one timers and control the game was enough to convince me I needed out of the house. Besides, he wasn’t coming back this year anyways. Who comes back within 10 weeks from that kind of injury?

As I hit the ice and met my teammates for the next few hours, I noticed a guy warming up from the other team. Quick feet and even quicker hands. Turning his teammates inside out with toe drags and laughing as his beard filled up with snow. Who was that guy with the Joie de Vivre?

His name was Guillaume Seguin. Huge Sens fan, born in Ottawa but now living in Grenville, PQ. Not only a passion on the ice but the owner and head designer of Segments Design. www.segmentsdesign.com He’s been working away on his craft for over 10 years and created the RSU logo. I liked this guy. Talent is always easy to see but not find. He showed me 2 designs he had done, they needed to be printed up. We wanted him on board.

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