Shipping Details

You see something you like in our store, we have it in stock and we ship it out the next day.

We use Canada Post.  Be nice to your local mail carriers.  They are rock stars in their own right.

Local deliveries will run you $7 a shirt as you'll see in the Checkout.If you're feeling like pinching pennies is something you need to do right now, there will be a weekly time and date for pickups.  Write us a note and we'll let you know where and when you can pick up your gear.

If you're buying an item from our "Weird and Wonderful Collection" things change a little bit depending on the size of the piece and the fragility of it.  It could be hand delivered to your door by the artist themselves, one of our crew here at or you can arrange to pick it up yourself.

If an item is out of stock but you want to make sure you get dibs on yours.  Place the order and we'll let you know what the timeline is going to be.  It should be in the range of 14 days depending on the wind velocity, moon phase and if The Pump is celebrating it's birthday with 1984 prices.