Dan Martelock - Birdhouse
Dan Martelock - Birdhouse
Dan Martelock - Birdhouse

Dan Martelock - Birdhouse

As I was trekking down the streets of San Francisco last month, the smell of salt water and patchouli filling the air, I passed by a small gallery.  Having filled my belly full at Swan's Oyster Depot I was attempting to walk off the glutenous feeling I had from shucking oysters all evening.  But this gallery made me stop dead in my tracks, my Italian sneakers screeching to a stop.  A small piece of art below a single solitary Edison lightbulb drawing me closer.  The name said Dan Martelock.  I needed to know about this man, this artist, this enigma wrapped in a conundrum from Ottawa.

Starting at the age of 9, filling book after book full of his sketches.  Continuing on through the years creating drawings, paintings, local brewers labels and wall art he's been busy.  In fact, if you have 2 feet and a heart beat, you've probably seen his work thoroughout the city.  It grabs you.  You know you like it.

We are happy to say that we are now offering some of his work that you can wear.

Unique and stylish.

100% Super Soft Cotton by Gildan
Sizes: Men's - Sm, Med, Lg and XL

Watch the crowds part as you stroll through the Hintonburg Public House.

Order yours today!

These shirts have been ordered.
2 week delivery time from April 5th.


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